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NC Labs - компьютерные комплектующие, разработка средств автоматизации в промышл

Syba SD-BSA2CF - Adapter CF to SATA.

Адаптер Compact Flash to SATA (переходник SATA-to-CF) для установки в слот расширения

Розница Оптом
1040 руб.926 руб.

Информация о Syba SD-BSA2CF

This SATA II to Compact Flash adapter is designed for converting a SATA port on a host system to Compact Flash Card interface.
The SATA interface supports SATA-II (1.5Gbps and 3.0Gbps) host port. The Compact Flash interface supports Ultra-DMA Compact Flash Type I & II card and capable of transferring data at 150MBps.
The versatility and the high performance of this adapter make it an ideal CF read/write device for many industrial PCs and embedded systems applications.


Linux-based set-top boxes, routers, firewalls
Diskless network clients
Industrial computers
Any other device requiring rugged solid-state storage


Using high performance Marvell chipset
Excellent performance, compatibility and stability
Excellent data transfer rate
Mounting holes for rear bracket - increase flexibility

Features & Specification

Supports SATA II (1.5G and 3.0G bits/sec) host interface
Supports SATA hot swap (Does NOT support hot swap on Compact Flash interface)
Supports Compact Flash Type I & II and Micro-drive form factors
Compact Flash interface supports PIO modes and Ultra-DMA modes with data transfer rate up to 150MByte/sec (Also depends on Compact Flash card speed)
Compact Flash card power selected by jumper setting (+3.3V or +5V)
Power input: DC +5V floppy disk drive power connector
LED indicators: Power-on, Card Detect, Disk Activity
Includes standard mounting bracket for external applications
Transparent to the operating system and does not require software driver
Board size: 70mm x 63mm x 1.0mm (W, L, T)
Does NOT support hot swap on Compact Flash interface